Friday, March 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

Caught a rare photo of a pair of Cardinals at the feeder.  They thrill me!

My Lilac bush is budding~~one of my most favorite flowers and fragrance!

My miniature Daffodils are blooming.  I want, I MUST get me some more Daffy bulbs, along with some Crocus, Tulips and Hyacinths (none of which I have right now).  Every Spring I think, "now this coming Fall, I HAVE to get some bulbs in the ground", but alas, I always forget.  So I will buy me a few pots now and stick them in the ground.

My Forsythia (called 'yellow-bell bushes' where I grew up) are blooming.  They are sooooo sunshiney bright, I wish they bloomed all Summer.  :)

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  We had a high temperature of 72!  :D  We spent most of the daylight hours outside.  I used the push mower to do some trimming, and Randy did some of the first mowing of the season on the riding mower.  Bayley and Marlee wore themselves out, and crashed for a little rest in the shade.  

The Swallows are building their nests now, and the Bluebirds are trying to hold on to their 'leases'.  :)  Unfortunately, two of the banes of my existence have returned---the blasted Brown-headed Cowbirds and the freakin' Starlings.  I really really could do without them, but I try to increase my patience and tolerance with every Spring when they arrive.  :)  One is in the tray feeder even as I type.  Dang their hides---they eat it all before the smaller birds can get any AND they are constantly trying to get into the Bluebird/Swallows houses to lay their eggs.  They are little devils, I tell you!  :/


Carol said...

Oh Angie, spring is beautiful at your house.

Tabor said...

You have lots of signs. Don't get too crazy.

Meggie said...

Love those Spring pics!! How wonderful to have Lilac almost in bloom. The perfume is divine.
Your little babies are so sweet!!

Donna said...

Wonderful, wonderful spring! Don't you just love it! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowering shrubs.
Baylee and Marlee look like they are enjoying the weather. Otis and Riley are too.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi, I just stopped in to say Hello!! Love your pictures, it is a nice day here too!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Angie, Thanks for coming to my blog... I hope you come back.. Did you happen to see my bird blog yesterday????

I enjoyed seeing your Cardinals --and your doggies are adorable. I have a granddaughter named BayLee.... ha

We have been lucky here not to have many cowbirds or starlings.. We do have some bluebirds getting ready to nest (I hope).

Thanks again --and come back anytime.

julieQ said...

Just gorgeous pictures...spring springing out all over!!

Morning's Minion said...

I'm interested to see that lilacs grow in TN--I haven't seen any here in south-central KY and being from New England I miss them.