Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Fever

Tree Swallow

Look at this beautiful turkey!


Bleeding Heart




Tabor said...

gee....looks like spring might be happening out your way!

Carol said...

I love the bluebird and the redbud tree is just gorgeous!

Elaine Adair said...

I'll bet the nasty day we are having in western Nebraska is coming your way! Yesterday I was getting sunburned on the deck, today it's high wind warnings, snow, sleet, blachhhhhhhh!!!

I am just plain jealous of your birds! We are seeing a bunch of vultures - does that count as spring-time birds? LOL

Donna said...

Wow, so many pretty spring photos. Love the lilacs and redbud!


Muddling Through said...

What a lot of pretty Spring pictures. I miss my redbud (Hurricane Ike knocked it down.), but I have a new one that is doing nicely. Maybe next year I'll get flowers.

MARCIE said...

Oh my gosh, you have a turkey in your back yard! Love the bluebirds and all things spring!