Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going from Winter to Summer...

Spring Wildflower Bouquet brightens my day

Peonies were so beautiufl this year; the blooms are already fading

A little night-time visitor attached to our window was a fun surprise

Daddy Bluebird feeding fledgling...

I LOVE this photo!!!

Baby fledgling wants ALL of them but Daddy says 'no, you have a sibling over in the tree that's waiting for his share'  LOL

So Baby tries to follow Dad with those worms but settles for a close perch for now

Okay, MAYBE I can make it to that tree Dad went into

Mockingbird nest with eggs in the Norway Spruce (they are hatched now !! )

First Sunflower of the season (Click to enlarge any of the photos)


texwisgirl said...

LOVE the bluebird photos! so sweet!

Carol said...

Oh I love the daddy and little bluebird pictures...just wonderful. I want to live where you do. It's just the BEST!

Donna said...

Oh, beautiful, Angie! I love all your photos. I wish we had bluebirds here, but living in town it just won't be. I was at my sister's on the weekend and they have bluebirds, I so enjoyed them.
Pretty flowers on your window sill.


hapi said...

Hi Angie, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Melanie said...

Love that mockingbird Nest. After Momma finishes with her eggs--- save it for your christmas tree!

JCnNC said...

The pictures are stunning - enjoying nature at it's finest. Did you read my bald eagle story? Very sad. Really enjoyed cruisin your blog. Judy C in NC

Rosalyn Manesse said...

Wow what excellent photos