Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Honor ALL of our Servicemen and Women

My Irises were outstanding this Spring

I've enjoyed a few strawberries each day from my plants

The tiniest Praying Mantis I've EVER SEEN on the Butterfly Weed

My 'weed' flower bouquets have delighted me for days on end

I should say that I have enjoyed the strawberries that the Mockingbird left for me :)

Is this a juvenile Mourning Dove?  I've never seen one colored like this before.

The first Sunflower of the season

My Lavender is intoxicating--I've harvested blossoms from this little bush twice already

Can anyone tell me what this is?  I love how light and airy and delicate it is


JCnNC said...

What beauty your garden is giving you - thanks for sharing. Judy C

Carol said...

I especially like the picture of the mockingbird and the strawberry...oh and the little praying mantis...and I can smell the lavender. They are really all amazing!

julieQ said...

OH, pretty! I love your outside shots, each one.

Donna said...

Hi Angie, I love your "weed" flower bouquet! Mmmm, and the sweet smell of lavender.
That bird looks like a young dove, not sure though.
And I can't help you identify that last flower, but it sure is pretty!

Hugs to you and the wieners!

Meggie said...

Love your photos of birds and the Wildflowers.
Thankyou so much for your kind thoughts and wishes through my terrible time.
I wonder, is the yellow flower Rocket?
Love Megxx

texwisgirl said...

wow. that is a very interesting dove.

LOVE your weed bouquet!!!

Melanie said...

Great photos.....The caisy bouquet is my favorite.