Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why Can't I Post Photos?

I've tried for two days now to post photos--alas, Blogger just will not cooperate. :?  I'm caught up on the blocks for Simple Things Quilt Along.  Yeaaa!  Maybe even a tad ahead :) as I got carried away making the 4-patch/cream blocks and made extra.  I had a he8888ck of a time getting the last four star blocks together.  Who knows why!  So now I have eight of the 4-patch/cream AND eight of the stars!  :D

I think I figured out why I don't sew much---cuz I just am lousy at spelling 'accurate'! let alone sewing anywhere near 'accurate' !!  :/


Suz said...

Hi..thanks for visiting me....and yes..we could be soul your eye for all of nature's wonders....that's us
but...I do not sew...much to my mother's dismay....not even a button...well maybe a button or two...but I have watched my mom pieces together squares like that...a time when I don't get near her...dangerous territory
stop by again sis

Suz said...

oh dear...I see from an older post..that you make bread..pretty bread...eatable mother would love you