Monday, August 01, 2011

Some July Memories

Rose of Sharon

Mammoth Dill

Last of my Sunflowers

My favorite color of yellow Squash Blossom


Momma and Baby with huge crow joining in the party

Marlee was guarding her bone

Grey Heron 'fishing'

Miniature Glads

Zinnia in the shade

Marlee put the pawprint of approval on my tee-shirt rug

Bayley just wants a new bone and a nap


Carol said...

You had a beautiful July!

Tabor said...

All of these deserve to be hung on a wall somewhere.

Donna said...

Oh Angie, what beautiful photos! Loved them all.

Suz said...

Oh loved your post today...the fawn and the crow...precious

Julie Fukuda said...

What lovely pictures! Marlee looks like she thinks the rug to be made just for her. How many shirts worth in that size a rug?

Tabor said...

Since you asked, I am at Hilton Head and the weather, except for one day, has been humid and hot and we are dragging through our determination to have a good time.

Meggie said...

So enjoyed your lovely pics! Give those dogs a cuddle from me.XX