Monday, September 19, 2011

Days of September

 September has gone sailing by like a kite in a strong wind.  I can hardly believe that today is the 19th of September.  I started the month by going to Hillsville, VA, to my sister, Nita's, house for Flea Market Weekend.  I left home with plans to be gone close to a week.  That week grew into 10 days!  I caught (unwillingly, I might add) the mother of all Upper Respiratory Infections.  I simply didn't feel like driving back home, and although Randy offered every day to come and get me, I decided to take advantage of the time with my sister and stay until I felt like I had enough energy to drive myself back home.  I've been home over a week now, have just taken the last antibiotic this morning, and still haven't kicked this mess yet.  I still have July wallhangings on the walls, for Pete's sake!  I did make a commitment to clear off our island, which is where all of our lives' detritus ends up.  I've mostly accomplished that chore, at least, and have a Fall tablerunner there with the sweetest pumpkin teapot that my friend, Flannie, brought to me last Friday.  It is adorable and I LOVE it!!  :D

The pups came home from my sister's with their own issues.  Bayley had been throwing up blood again last week, so my vet talked to vets at University of TN and developed a plan of tests to try and determine what is going on with him.  They are both finishing up a round of dewormers, then comes blood tests for a whole host of things, including Addison's disease as well as allergies.  They are as precious as ever, albeit a bit of a challenge.  :/

Randy is doing well.  He's been just busy enough to keep him from falling into the doldrums.  He did fully realize the old adage "absence makes the heart grow fonder" LOL.  He was more than ready for me to bring my eccentricities and come home.  :D

Marlee found her a spot to 'rest her eyes' while at Nita's

The skies were glorious in Hillsville, VA

Nita's Beauty Berry bush

The remnants of the Full Harvest Moon

Cottoneaster bush

Cottoneaster berries

I'm itching to pull out lots of Fall clutter, and spend some time in the sewing 'stewdio'.  Fall is upon us; I am more than ready for the cooler temps and slower pace of Autumn and Winter.  My OCD kicks in with Autumn and I want to make everything I see in Fall colors---pumpkins, leaves, Mums, you name it and I want to make it in fabric.  :D  Hopefully, I'll soon be over the crud and can get on with my playing---like kids in piles of leaves, kicking through them, tossing them up into the air to flutter down like confetti...


Anonymous said...

I just love the name of your blog!!! Your pictures are so clear and while I was reading your post I felt a sense spirituality. Beautiful.
Hugs Rosemary...

Julie Fukuda said...

Your pictures are just lovely. I hope the crud has left for good and you can enjoy the fall colors and cooler temperatures.

Sunray Gardens said...

Everything is so Autumn looking there. Nice grouping.
Cher Sunray Gardens