Friday, October 28, 2011

Days Gone By in Pictures

Back of Pumpkin Mug Rug

Pumpkin Mug Rug

My friend, Flannie's, birthday Owl that I made

Beautiful Bluebird

Foster Son, Mr. Smudges---Bayley just isn't sure about sharing

Mr. Smudges, the sweetest little Poodle EVER

My friend, Flannie, clogging at Festival

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday and Today---Brilliant

These pictures are what we had on Thursday.  It was awesome!  We had rain on and off all day.  A perfect day.           

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rain--Glorious Rain

It's raining here at Ships Landing this morning.  We even had a thunderstorm and a short gully-washer of a downpour.  I reveled in the sounds, while Marlee shivered and quaked at my feet.  Poor little girl is so  dreadfully afraid of storms---wind and rain send her running for cover, while Bayley and I want to head out into it, well, at least onto the porch.  We haven't had hardly a thimble-ful of rain in so long, months, so I'm doing a happy dance that my plants and trees are finally  getting a decent drink.

I've lit some candles, have a fresh cup of coffee in hand, and my mind is darting around amongst so many ideas of what to do with this day, stretched before me like a blank canvas, that I find myself caught up in fighting the mental battle of doing some of what 'needs' to be done--sorting through piles of paper on the island, moving stacks from one spot to another, carrying out boxes that have been left setting by the door, clearing clutter from the kitchen counters, etc, YUK!   :(, OR JUST CLIMBING OVER THE PILES AND going on into my sewing room to play with snips and pieces of fabrics in Autumn's magnificent colors, wiling away the hours trying to make pumpkin-shaped coasters, and Halloween coasters using hexagon shapes, and Bayley and Marlee really need a little quilt each for the cold weather that's already hinting that it will soon be visiting for an extended stay.   

Saturday, October 01, 2011


"October is the year at rich maturity, a happy woman arrayed in festival dress and ready for a dance with a giant come down from the hills attired in a red, red shirt, buckskin pants and moccasins beaded with frost.  October is a brisk wind in the treetops, a whisper among crisp leaves, a breath of apple cider, a gleam from a jack-o'-lantern, and the echo of laughter under a full moon.  October is bright as a bittersweet berry."  Hal Borland