Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bits of Sewing

Tissue holders (courtesy of debp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h5uMjansOU)

My very first hexagon, made into hexagon flower, into a coaster

Back of hexagon flower coaster

Hmmmm, should have turned this upright before posting it.

Funky little owl

And of course my furbabies


julieQ said...

What a cute autumn owl!! I like the tissue holders...maybe that is my Christmas gift to make this year!

Donna said...

What lovelies! (furbabies included)!

rosie said...

Your very first hexagon turned out beautifully.. I love the little tissue holders, they will make great presents, maybe..The baby owl and your furbabies are gorgeous too..

Michele Bilyeu said...

As you know I love projects of all kinds, but little ones are always somehow extra, extra cute. Your last two fuzzy, furry ones the very cutest. Now, all of my projects end up fuzzy furry, too but that's because my cats refuse to keep off of them! Your animals seem much better behaved ;) I bet those dogs don't try to climb up under the sewing machine needle! However, I bet they've put the medal to the pedal with the best of them!

Q said...

Oh no I missed this post!!!!
I used to make tissue holders....your Owlie is darling!
Your hexagon looks perfect! Ahhhh...
Happy December,
Sherry who dreams with the Swans

libbyquilter said...

great job on your first hexie flower and that little owl is adoreable~!!~

i've got a hexagon project that i've been working on for more years than i can remember and hope to be picking that up again after the new year gets started . . .
wish me luck.