Thursday, November 03, 2011

The time changes this weekend.  Fall Back.  This year has literally flown by.  I feel like I've been spinning like a toy top.  Wondering how to slow time down a bit.  I focus on whatever it is that I'm doing 'right at this moment' but still it all seems a blur. 

This is the third morning in a row that we've had some frost.  I think Fall is here...frost on the pumpkins.  :)  I finished up the gas in the string trimmer yesterday so I could put it to bed for the Winter. 
15" Shoofly Block courtesy of

I am looking forward having more time inside now to bake and do some sewing.  I am a bit :) obsessed right now with the urge to cut up some of this mountain of fabric and sew little pieces back together.  :) 

There are more birds gathering at the feeders now.  I'm delighted that I have a pair of Carolina Wrens that have returned.  Lots of Bluebirds sprucing up their Winter bungaloes. 

I am NOT ready for the rush toward Christmas.  Now that Halloween is a memory, let me just ease into Thanksgiving first. I want time to just flow at a gentle pace for a while now.


Carol said...

I'm thrilled to be falling back...I'm with you, I just don't know where this year went. It has truly flown! Can't wait for the bird pictures at the feeders! Sweet pup sleeping so comfy!

Donna said...

Oh I know what you mean about time flying! Where has this year gone? Love your photos, Angie, that one of Bayley is so cute! Have some fun creating, and enjoy your weekend!


carolina said...

Oh yeah, time flies. I have a photo of the "road home" from one year ago(maybe two)...a bit more color in mine but the same point in the drive to your house:):) Sug

Q said...

I love the way November can be so very relaxing.
I too love to have all the time I need to enjoy the moment...I am not very good at rushing about.
I keep thinking I will take up looks fun and I too have lots of fabric from my Mother's stash....
You are inspiring me.
November is a beautiful month here too although I soon miss the butterflies.