Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Honor ALL of our Servicemen and Women

My Irises were outstanding this Spring

I've enjoyed a few strawberries each day from my plants

The tiniest Praying Mantis I've EVER SEEN on the Butterfly Weed

My 'weed' flower bouquets have delighted me for days on end

I should say that I have enjoyed the strawberries that the Mockingbird left for me :)

Is this a juvenile Mourning Dove?  I've never seen one colored like this before.

The first Sunflower of the season

My Lavender is intoxicating--I've harvested blossoms from this little bush twice already

Can anyone tell me what this is?  I love how light and airy and delicate it is

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going from Winter to Summer...

Spring Wildflower Bouquet brightens my day

Peonies were so beautiufl this year; the blooms are already fading

A little night-time visitor attached to our window was a fun surprise

Daddy Bluebird feeding fledgling...

I LOVE this photo!!!

Baby fledgling wants ALL of them but Daddy says 'no, you have a sibling over in the tree that's waiting for his share'  LOL

So Baby tries to follow Dad with those worms but settles for a close perch for now

Okay, MAYBE I can make it to that tree Dad went into

Mockingbird nest with eggs in the Norway Spruce (they are hatched now !! )

First Sunflower of the season (Click to enlarge any of the photos)

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Isn't the Bald Eagle so majestic and regal!!

Baby House Finches on our porch

Dutch Iris with some Chocolate Mint, Variegated Vinca, and Spearmint

Is he not the most beautiful little thing EVER?  Look at those bright eyes---he was having a blast

Marlee and Bayley helping Dad burn brush

Marlee was afraid to come up on the dock ramp.  She's the most hilarious little dog---brave, courageous and bold---and the biggest scaredy-cat ever!!  :D

I adore the Kingbirds and Phoebes