Sunday, January 08, 2012

Laptop is back

It has a few little quirks but we can live with those.  Richie did an amazing job just getting it to power up and work.  According to what we read online, we were really fortunate to know someone who could work on it AND that it was actually salvageable.  The power supply isn't working properly; purchased a new power cord, but evidently this is something that shorted out on the motherboard.  Do we invest $300-$400 for a new board?  Maybe, but if being plugged into the wall outlet keeps it working, well, that's all I've done with it in the past anyway.  So, I'm just really happy to have it functioning.  :)

The temperatures are so mild now that I have Spring fever.  The last few days it's been close to 60.  Shrubs and flowers are starting to bud and pop up from the ground.  I'm afraid that it will decide to play 'Winter' when we should be going into Spring, and nip everything.  But that's the future, right?  I will just meander back into 'today' and enjoy.


Q said...

Dear Angie,
So happy lappy is an adventure.
Coffee and laptops do not mix well.
I just love your header....wish we had snow. Thank goodness it has cooled off. More like January weather. We had 60's last week too.
Like you said just enjoy the now.

Finn said...

Glad to hear you are back in business! Love the new header, enjoy the warmth, it can and will leave, no doubt! Big hugs, Finnie XXX

Eileen said...

Well Hello Lady, so glad you are back!!! Trust your Holidays were calm and joyful.

Eileen said...

Hi Angie, stop by my blog and on the post today their is an award for you to claim. Congrats