Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring, Happy Vernal Equinox

Just a couple of my oh so gorgeous Birthday Cards

A storm was brewing---there's one on the horizon this evening too

Happy dancing---I'm working on a quilt for Moi

It's Spring Yipppeeeee Let's have another dip -- Splish Splash she was having a bath

She had a marvelous time with the temps in the low 80s and the sun shining

Happy happy Spring, my Zebra Swallowtail celestial being

One of my Rosemary bushes (both of them bloomed all Winter)

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Love is in the air...The Tree Swallows are dancing from sunup to sundown


KaHolly said...

Love your nature pictures! Is it your birthday? Or are those cards you have crafted?

Carol said...

Oh Angie I LOVE the pictures of that sweet bird taking a bath and your butterfly picture is amazing! As always your pictures made me squeal! Thank you!

Finn said...

Good Morning sweetie, what wondeful pictures you capture!! Love every one of them, what a marvelous view of nature at its best.
Hope you are still enjoying those birthday "vibes", no reason for them to end in just a day!
I'm delighted to see you working on a quilt for YOU! I do love that particular block. Not sure what they call it now, but used to be known as "Paths to Piece" I've make it several times, and liked everyone of them. Back then we used a plastic template instead of the 2 squares, sew and flip method. I can hardly wait to see it all together. Big hugs, Finnie

Cottage Tails said...

Blessing to your spring equinox - wonderful photos!!!
LOVE your quilt you are making for you - looks like some Jo Morton fabric in there?

Love Leanne

Janet O. said...

Beautiful photos, Angie. I love the little bird in the bath. Beautiful shots of nature. And I really love the quilt you are making--for you!! Hooray!

Q said...

Dear Angie,
Happy Spring! I love this post; birds, baths, blooms, butterflies and blessings.....
Your quilt is looking beautiful...I can smell the rosemary....
Sherry who is dancing with bees

Suz said...

wow you have a lot of activity at your B bath
love those swallows and that lovely storm brewing

Eileen said...

Your pictures are beautiful! and that quilt...you can make me one too. Love the blocks and your color choice.