Saturday, June 02, 2012

June---Bayley Update


We are headed out on a 'family road trip' :), Randy and I, along with Bayley and Marlee.  There was a screw-up with Bayley's cultures at UT so we have an appointment today with a Dermatologist that was formerly the head Dermatologist at UT and now has a private practice.  I'm not making any headway at all in resolving his skin issues---poor little fella is still covered in itchies all over his little stomach.  Maybe today we will begin to get some answers for him.

The birds have been busy here at Ships Landing raising babies, and the blooms are prolific on my Bergamot.  The butterflies love those blossoms.  The Crepe Myrtles are starting to bloom as well.  I have a Mimosa tree in the yard and for the first time, it has blossoms on it.  :)  I hope to capture a picture of it before the blooms 'fly away'.  :)

Happy June from Ships Landing


Suz said...

oh my your poor baby;....I hopw you get to the bottom of this rash.....what have you done for relief of itching? Cold water helps...interupts impulse to scratch.....ointment? I get rashes and I feel so sorry for your doggie...I will pray that God reveal a cause so they can help quickly....hug

Carol said...

Oh Angie I so hope they came up with a solution for sweet the butterflies...our crepe myrtles are just beginning to bloom too...I love them!
Howie & Zack just said that Bayley probably needs an extra treat today

Finn said...

Beautiful pictures again, *VBS*, thank you for sharing them. Love the Bayley picture, such a sweet, sweet face. Hope this journey will provide some answers, the itch is no fun at all, and I know it drives them to distraction. My poor boy had multiple insect bites on his bare tummy and private parts. He just couldn't leave them alone, medicated or not. Sending lots of special hugs, Finnie XXX

Eileen said...

Oh no poor guy--hope you find out what the problem is and soon. Take care.