Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Jack for a Friend

and these lovely lovelies are a gift from SherryQ to moi---they are soooo wonderful.  See the little sack?  Well, that WAS a pound of chestnuts.  And a pumpkin pincushion, and a needle-felted witch's hat pin, and a hand-done card---AND all of it wrapped in the most awesome October silk scarf.  (Ummmm the chestnuts were only here a couple of days.)  :D  Thank you bushels, SherryQ, for your thoughtfulness and most especially for your friendship/kinship/sisterhood.

Tonight is Friday Nite Sew-In again, and I am unofficially participating.  I have some quilting to do on a little wallhanging that is a birthday surprise for tomorrow, so maybe I'll be able to share a picture of it next week.

Can you believe Halloween is NEXT WEDNESDAY???  And that Hurricane Sandy is heading to the northern coast after dousing Florida??  Batten down the hatches!


Suz said...

wow that is beautiful!

ancient one said...

Nice present! Hope Sandy is kind! Maybe she will fall to pieces before she gets there!

Tabor said...

Halloween in our area will probably be postponed. Love getting gifts of such mixed treasures! I am asking you to remove your word verification requirement. Those gray photos of letters and numbers are almost impossible to get right the first, second and third times and only your most ardent fans will try.

cottonreel said...

Lovely to have you visit .
Happy Halloween

Q said...

Dear Angie,
I am so happy you enjoyed your October surprise!
I love Happy Jack. Thank you. Your work is beautiful.
Although he is wrapped up for the year I have him in my heart.
May November bless your needles with amazing stitches.
Sherry, who is gathering acorns