Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rain, and Rain and More Rain

The ground is so waterlogged that we are just holding our breath about the electricity going off again.  Pretty sure there are trees that are ready to come down in the winds that will probably have an electricity line to take with them.  :/  Having jumped right in to projection LOL, we were spared the worst of the storms that are howling around out there today.  We have had a LOT of rain again though.  We started the day with a high temp of 65 degs (can you believe that this is at the end of January with temperatures like this!!)  Then a high of 28 for Friday---crazy crazy weather.

Randy ran to the grocery store for a few things for us, so I won't have to go out for a few more days.  :)  I've been appliqueing more little baskets.  And I have to say I love having the sewing machine in here where it's warm.  I've sewn a bit each day, mostly on the scrappy log cabin blocks.  There are several sew-alongs going on right now that I'm eying but haven't started yet.  I have pulled my charm pack and yardage for Terry's Treasures quilt along.  Just haven't started cutting it yet.   


Terry said...

Stay safe! This weather is crazy, that's for sure! Yesterday it was pouring down rain here and today we've got snow and it's 24. Have fun cutting your fabric for the sew-along. I'll be posting about it tomorrow! :0)

Janet O. said...

Sounds like good weather to stay in and sew!
I want to know how you are resisting all of the SALs! Would you bottle some of that resistance and send it my way? : )

Tabor said...

Hope that your weather starts calming down. I thought the wind and rain last night would blow and flow the house away.

Carol said...

Take good send us some rain...we really, really need it.