Saturday, February 16, 2013


Snuggled under quilts by the fire---respiratory virus seems to be taking up lodging with me and Randy both...

Some pictures of our snow and ice storms last month

Friday, February 01, 2013


"Here comes February, a little girl with her first valentine, a red bow in her wind-blown hair, a kiss waiting on her lips, a tantrum just back of her laughter.  She is young as a kitten, changeable as the wind, and into everything.  She can sulk, she can beam, she changes from one minute to the next.  February is a phase, a short phase at that, and she has to be lived with.     ...    It is sleet and snow and ice and cold, and now and then it is waxing sunshine and tantalizing thaw and promise.  February is soup and mittens, and it is a shirt-sleeve day that demands an overcoat before sundown.  It is forsythia buds opening in the house and skid chains clanking on the highway.  February is sunrise at 6:30 for the first time since November.   ...   February is a gardener pruning his grape vines today and shoveling a two-foot drift off the front walk tomorrow morning.  It is a farmer wondering this week if his hay will last the Winter, and next week wondering if he should start plowing."   Hal Borland - Sundial of the Seasons


Man it is COLD this morning.  Not below zero but 15 deg with wind chill of 5 is just a tad too chilly for this ole girl.  So I'm posting pictures of PussyWillow and Corkscrew 'crooked' Willow branches that I have in the house that are rooting and making leaves.  Just a tiny reminders of Spring and warmer days to come.  :)