Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy April and Easter Recap

Coloring of the Eggs for the Easter Bunny to leave here at my house :p

Spring runner that I made one year---thought I had gotten my bowl of pretty Easter eggs in the picture but I guess not :/

The traditional Graham Easter dessert---'from scratch' banana pudding

This is one of the very first quiltlets that I ever made :)
We had a lovely low-keyed Easter weekend.  Our friend Flannie came for Easter ham and the trimmings with us yesterday.  Her husband is in Arizona right now, so she shared Easter Sunday with us.  The weather was totally fickle.  Really grey and cold.  Went for a walk after feasting, and the rain poured down.  :/  What happened to "in like a lion, out like a lamb'?  Didn't work that way here---in like a lion and out like a lion.  Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that your April is starting out like Spring.  It's not here---fire in the woodstove as I write. 


Tabor said...

Our Easter was drizzly and cold but here at the house today it is superwarm but transitioning into another wet day of cold!

Janet O. said...

Easter was a beautiful day in the 60s--our first this year. Today it is pouring rain, but we need the moisture so I am glad. : )

Meggie said...

Here Downunder, we had very pleasant weather. Which is just as well, because after a glorious day yesterday, today is like winter already. Cold, pouring rain, black light. Just horrible.