Thursday, July 18, 2013


Juvenile Bald Eagles


julieQ said...

And it is hot too...hee!! Love your beautiful pictures!

Elaine Adair said...

What are those birds - vultures or ???

I'm sorry you must endure the heat - take care. I guess humidity is not so pleasant either.

Just think, in 6 mos. or less we will be wishing for this warmth.

Stay cool - thanks for stunning photos. 8-))

Q said...

Oh My Goddess!!!
I just love the photos of Giant Swallowtail on coneflower...stop action!
I do heat just so I can be with these gorgeous butterflies. They love the heat! Sometimes I love from afar...
Stay cool. Summertime and the living is all about fabric
and ac.
Sherry who sips lemonade and sweet tea

Michele Bilyeu said...

Your butterfly photos look 3D! Amazing!!!!!

Mellissa Uber-Lopez said...

Beautiful colors!