Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Colors Are Changing

Bayley and Marlee got a much-needed bath today.  They do not like scrub-ups :/ but the temps were in the mid-70's today and perfect for puppy baths.  Bathing them is a lot like a chore.  So glad it's out of the way for a little while, anyway.

The leaves are finally taking on their gorgeous hues.  I was so afraid they were just going to turn brown and fall off, but no, the hills are alive with color and I am loving it.  :)  My mums are beautiful, and bring a smile every time I glance out the window.  On days like today, their fragrance drifts on the breeze and they hum with bees getting drunk off of their nectar.  We had our first hard freeze last Saturday morning, so these are the only flowers left blooming.  The cotoneaster is full of red berries, and the barberry is dressed in lovely colors.  My favorite time of the year...


Janet O. said...

I thought maybe the puppies were sitting there watching the colors change, but I guess they don't change that fast. : )
You've got some gorgeous color in your yard, Angie!

Terry said...

Good to hear from you Angie. The colors are pretty but up here we didn't have as good of a show this year.

Q said...

Those two look to be the best of friends!
Lovely autumn colors surround you.
It is my favorite time of year too.
Happy Halloween.
Only treats!