Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Promise to Love Myself

I Promise to Love Myself

So this will be my life.
My body has done nothing wrong.
I will shower her with the respect and love she deserves.
I will do my best to care for her and listen to what she needs.
When I don’t live up to those goals, I won’t blame her. She has done nothing wrong. I will be extra gentle with her, and I will love her all the more for enduring again and again what I never meant to put her through.

I will live by a standard of grace, for I am always learning, becoming and unbecoming. I will love my curves, my softness and fullness of body and soul. I won’t be the slimmest, the smallest, the most toned. But I will be the happiest, the most peaceful, the most free.
I won't look at others and shame my own body in comparison. She doesn't deserve that. She’s done nothing wrong. She’s crafted {by the Goddess} exactly the way she’s meant to be.
And she is radiant. She is worthy. She is full of compassion and creativity and boundless faith. And she is free.


Q said...

She is beautiful...
She is a miracle...
She is the prayer...
Thank you for being you.

julieQ said...

You are a wonderful lady...thank you for this.

Kim said...

Amen to that!