Friday, January 02, 2015

I missed a few days of Solstice greetings, but On the Twelfth Day...

"Beneath the snow and cold earth of Winter Solstice hides much, but a clear night allows the bright moonlight to shine down and illuminate everything... It symbolizes nakedness of spirit. On this first day of the new year, let's allow our authentic self to be seen and our naked truth to be revealed without fear or shame. We are beautiful. We are wise. We are luminous. Let's see ourselves clearly and shine our light!
Together, let's continue to honor The 13 Days of Solstice.
"On the twelfth day of Solstice the Goddess gave to me a moonlight revealing, delightful flowing essence, this world of magick, a unique journey, quiet contemplation, countless days of learning, time for the sacred, my hearts desire, a needed cleanse, a peaceful rest, the gift of soul, and some healing to set me free."
May the Solstice and the turning of the wheel bring you love, peace and good fortune today and always."
―The Gypsy Priestess

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