Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015 and Still Building Fires

We have had a few days this week that were just wonderful---sunny and warm.  It seems that this has been the longest, grayest Winter that I can remember, so these days were sheer gems and I spent them, whole days, outside.  Then the cold came to visit again and we've had 27 degs and 19 degs the last two mornings.  And so chilly in this house that I have built fires again the last couple of days.  NOW, the sun is out, it has warmed up to 44 degs, a veritable heat wave, and I have been able to turn the blower off on the woodstove.  Totally awesome...


Terry said...

I love the pictures of the bluebirds! Same here with the woodburner...I keep hoping one of these days we can stop having fires, but not yet.

Tabor said...

Blue birds are here but never seem to stop by and let me know that I can admire them. Lovely photos!! Today it is warming and tomorrow I prune roses.

Karen L R said...

And forsythia.
So glad to see these signs of spring.
We are still gripped by winter.

KaHolly said...

You've captured some great pics here, Angie. Sure hope it has warmed up a bit for you!