Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

A beautiful morning and I eagerly don sunscreen and hat and head down to the kayak and water. I am like a kid at Christmas. The birth of a new day, the birth of a new passion. A zest for the hours ahead that has been buried by burdens that squeeze the joy out of you. I am finding that being literally on the water. ..alone with your soul and source,  those burdens find their way into a cloud and they float away, leaving space for joy to flow back in.   So soothing and much-needed space.


sarah said...

So wonderful. I hope your day blessed you and the water sang you peace and passion.

Susan In Texas said...

Beautiful pictures. I know what you mean about being on the water. I had a canoe that I loved when I was a teenager. We had a cottage on an island in Wisconsin while I was growing up. Nothing beat being alone out on the water.

Take care,
Susan in Texas