Saturday, January 02, 2016

January 2, 2016

                              (No snow yet.  Just love this picture)

The new year has begun, and time is racing on.  This morning dawned cold and so covered with frost that it looked like snow.  Now the sun is shining so brightly and the sky is so blue that they are enticing me outside to find that the air temperature is only about 35 degrees.  A tad chilly still for my flipflops that are year-around house shoes.  Still, the wide-open space, and lovely feel of the air against my face, beckon me.  I should be stronger, and bolder, and give in to my childish yearnings to be outside from dawn to dusk---no matter the weather or the temperature.  :)

Yesterday I was busy all day trying to do a bit of everything that I would like to do throughout this new year of ours (hours).  I walked 2 miles (36 degrees) (and yes, I am way proud that I went out and did it), I sewed my first 'Moon' block for 365 Quilty Days of the Year.  Picture to be posted soon so that I will have a log of the 'moons' or 'circles' which is my word for 2016, had coffee by the fire, I cooked, I read, I talked to friends and family, loved on the dogs...I missed a few things (such as a bike ride on the trainer), but maybe I can sneak those in today and it will still bode well for this coming year.  :) 

May the new year be full of all that delights your heart.


Kim said...

Happy 2016, Angie!

Tabor said...

You sound very focused and your new year will reward you because you care about your health. Have a good one.