Monday, February 01, 2016

Welcome Fun and Fabulous February

Upon a day that legends say hog shadows can foretell
The ending of the hoary winter season,
A child was born one early morn between heaven and hell,
Between the warmth of spirit and cold reason.
🌿The year was old, the winter cold, yet tiny shoots of grass
Still bravely pierced the hardened frosty rime –
Their shoots unbowed they stood the vow that like the newborn lass
The spring would quickly grow and reach her prime.
☀ For from that start twixt head and heart a small girl bathed in milk
Would grow to be the saint of three great arts –
She would exalt distiller’s malt, weavers craft, poet’s ilk –
All treasures from the soul’s liminal parts.
🌿Our faith is clear in times most drear, when earth is bleak and frigid –
The gods did send a guide, a friend, to all in lovely Brigid. ~Buddy Dawn ☀ 🌿☀ 🌿☀ 🌿☀ 🌿☀

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Love the shot of the dream catchers.
This is my Mom's b'day, so I thought the poem was about her. : )