Saturday, August 06, 2016

Where Has The Summer Gone

The kids are already back in school.  Seems they have shorter and shorter Summer vacations each year.  When school starts has always signaled the end of Summer for me, but the Summer Holiday used to last until after Labor Day.  My internal calendar is more and more confused.  The heat and humidity certainly aren't paying attention to school schedules.  It has been oh so hot and humid here that we feel like we have moved to a tropical jungle rather than East Tennessee.  I watch through the window as the weeds grower taller and thicker, and long for cooler temps so I can go out and trim them.  I am not aging well, aging---most definitely, but in a very worn and ragged way, and the humidity becomes more and more unbearable for me.  :/  I haven't even spent any time on my kayak or bicycle this Summer!!! ~(  I know that some  of that intolerance is due to the medication that I'm on, but it is oh so frustrating. 

We haven't had much rain this Summer either, and my soul starts to shrivel up without some clouds and rain.  When I do see some drops of nectar falling from the sky, I run out into it, and turn my little wrinkled face up to soak up those drops.  :)

The Fall quilting magazines are coming in now.  I love Fall.  May be my most favorite Season of the year.  :)  Yes, I still get a couple of quilting magazines, I still collect the occasional bit of fabric, I still dream and drool over all the luscious quilts being made and shared out yonder in cyberspace.  I'm still a 'wannabee' quilter.  :D  Maybe this coming Fall and Winter will be my seasons of piecing and quilting.  I'm still obsessing over churn dash and flying geese quilts.  Love the idea of the giant blocks of these made into quilts. 

I have been using a 'special needs' computer for several years now, and it finally gave up the ghost on me.  This new one is a joy to use.  Transferring pictures from my camera to the computer was a major pain.  Now I can transfer them with ease.  The simple things that I am spoiled by...So I will share a few of the scenes from here at Ships Landing from the Spring.  More later.


Janet O. said...

I don't do heat well, either, and it gets worse as I get older.
I hope you get some rain and cooler temps soon.
Enjoy those Fall quilting magazines--they are the best ones, aren't they? : )

julieQ said...

I love falltime too! Maybe it will be our season to really do some "cooking" in our sewing bins!!

Tabor said...

Fall is my favorite season...spring would be, but it is too short. I never got into quilting, but did needlework many years ago and found it very rewarding.

Kim said...

This has been one of the worst summer seasons for heat and humidity here too. Like you, I don't tolerate it very well and I've been feeling low on energy and stuck inside far to much of the time. Yet summer is still flying past at warp speed! Tom and I move to our new home in MN next week so no sewing happening here either. I too feel like a quilter wannabe! Oh well, winter will arrive soon enough and time for sewing as well. School begins the last week of August here in WI. It's state law in MN that school cannot begin for students until the day after Labor Day. Because of a warmer climate here, summer doesn't really end until the end of September. MN starts to feel like autumn by mid September or earlier. I hope cooler summer days, and soon, autumn weather arrives and brings you some relief. Nice that you have a new and up to date computer. :-D

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

The kids in our area of Arkansas go back to school on Monday - it seems like they start here earlier now also by about 10 days I think and the school year is about that being longer as well. I love fall too and look forward to it